Who We Are

A complex identity cannot be codified into the singular. On this site, you will find dramatis personae as contributors, each of whom reveals her own experience, expertise, and unique perspective. Each voice exists autonomously and together, they form a collective of wise contradiction.

The literary concept of the heteronym refers to one or more characters created to write in different styles. Heteronyms differ from pen names (or pseudonyms deriving from Greek words for “false” and “name”) because each of the heteronyms has their own physiques, biographies, and writing styles. Each voice is a practitioner in her own right.


EPB is a writer, visual artist, performer & researcher who plays in the space between theory and practice. In her writing, she parallels her observations of the art world with academic discourse and the politics of sex work.

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Originally from the former Soviet Union, Mistress Nadia is a professional Dominant based in New York City. She is turned on by space between sadism and semantics. She holds strong opinions about topics like ideology and immigration and contributes to the literotica found on this site.

Her postings are likely tagged NSFW.


Elise began her journey down the rabbit hole in 2001, exploring the world of professional BDSM in one of NYC’s preeminent dungeons. Since then, she has continued to explore sugaring and fetish modeling while traveling internationally. After over a decade of carefully documenting her experiences, she is pursuing completing her memoir titled Nesting Dolls slated for release in 2021.

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Verity is a sensual priestess and lifelong spiritual student. Her practice integrates yogic studies, meditation, hands on touch, sexual energy and psychodynamic re-enactment. She is currently on sabbatical.

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