Liminal Praxis is a performance based project. On this site is archival material from performances beginning in 2001 and running through 2021.

These performances touch on themes between esoteric & erotic, head spaces & somatic impressions, lived experience & multiple theoretical frameworks.

What is Praxis?

The word comes from the ancient Greek πράξης – praxis. This is the way that we enact or realize theory. In real time, in space, in the body. Praxis is the customs and rituals we generate, sometimes influenced by conceptual ideas and sometimes driving them. The space of praxis defies hierarchy.

The concept of liminality derives from a Latin word limen meaning threshold. In the early twentieth century, Dutch Anthropoligist Arnold Van Gennep coined this term in describing the second and third part of a transformative ritual, often referring to an altered state. The suspended sense of time and place induced was a result of this transition. The liminal stage is the phase where we let go of the past and embrace the new person we are becoming, suspending ourselves at the point of arrival. Later, another anthropologist Victor Turner further explored the concept of the liminal in spaces of cultural ritual.

I have found this concept of the threshold space is rich and dense. My point of entry into liminality is in the realm of sexuality & erotica. In life, there are so many thresholds and certainly the erotic is just one, but truly the further along I went, the more I realized how sexuality touches and is touched by everything.

In this spiraling labyrinth of content, you will find ongoing collection of writing, images and other media spanning from the past two decades. I believe that memories, like fantasies are moments suspended in time, always existing in the mind, even long after linear time has run its course. Memories and fantasies, particularly of the erotic variety belong to the realm of the liminal.

The dramatis personae that contribute to the content are erotic archetypes; aspects of a complex self that embody certain attributes of my sexuality. Each one has a voice and aesthetic. Sometimes they get along and intertwine, other times they are at odds, operating from a place of wise contradiction. I believe that our human identities and desires are composed of these complex archetypes.

In the realm of sexuality, Liminal Praxis is the space between the theoretical and the practical. The limen or thresholds of this space are fuzzy, malleable, dynamic. They shift according to the people who participate. I invite you to navigate this space at your leisure, dropping in and out of that which attracts or provokes you. This journey is an eternally ongoing one.

Yours Truly
Mistress of Ceremonies


EPB is a writer, visual artist, performer & researcher who plays in the space between theory and practice. In her writing, she parallels her observations of the art world with academic discourse and the politics of sex work.

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