Verity is a sensual priestess and lifelong spiritual student. Her practice integrates yogic studies, meditation, hands on touch, sexual energy and psychodynamic re-enactment.

“In short, Verity is wonderful. There’s a greedy side of me that doesn’t want to write a glowing review and wants to have her all to myself, but it’s really not fair to hoard a soul like hers. It should be shared. The basics: she’s very pretty, very clean, erudite, a classic luxury. You would be wise to meet her and see where she takes you. She took me to places I didn’t expect. I’ve been to other women trading their kinky wares, but never stayed with any of them because the depth was missing. Verity is the whole package. I can only wish to be a grain of sand in her oyster to grow and luster.” – S, 2018
“Committing to personal development comes in so many forms. I’ve worked with Verity for several years in a ritual-based practice, which enabled me to increase my awareness and face my own personal challenges. Verity works tirelessly to find out what the psychological needs are, what feelings and actions they trigger, and what form they take. She has created scenarios that allow me to open up, let go, and feel completely supported. She knows exactly when to check in with me and when to let me be vulnerable. It’s been life-changing, grounding, and exhilarating to work with her.” – M, 2016
“Time with Verity is always exceptional. She has taken the time and exhibited the patience to learn and understand what it is that makes me tick. She delivers a truly unique and moving experience, coordinating an array of stimuli for all of my senses. As sessions begin, she guides me into an almost meditative state, directing me through gentle, yet stern, vocal and physical instruction. She shows special care and attention to my state of mind and wellbeing, allowing me the ability to trust her and fully release myself to her will. Every experience with her has been a rollercoaster of energies and emotions, with peaks and climaxes as Verity stretches my limits, and valleys and moments of respite as she encourages me to fall deeper into a trance. After sessions I am always left with a natural high, in an almost spiritual head space.” – P, 2017
“Verity performs magic. She intuits what is needed, goes beyond the masturbatory fantasy into the trauma – real or imagined – that lies beyond that daydream. Her skills begin with empathy – with that quality Verity’s body work and energy work, her experience with S&M and tantra, her respect for trauma, alienation and profound creative blockage, and her delight with the ghosts dancing between us all, all the time—all of this has come together consistently, at every meeting, to profoundly alter my spirit in a way that has lessened my own creative block, and caused me to hate myself less.” – W, 2015